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24 abr 2013

Adam Lambert to help out the sound of the Chinese Sleeper players refueling - Via Sina

Translated with Google: 

 LOS ANGELES On the afternoon of April 22, the American Idol singer, the "Sleeper sound international recruitment Ambassador Adam - Lambert (Adam Lambert) by Dragon TV was invited to help out first program release ceremony, singing a live version of" Mad World. " Adam Lambert became famous in the sound of the "China Dream" original "American Idol" Season 8. "Mad World" was the final track, and judges alike. 23, Adam appeared in the sound of the "China Dream" mentor audition will interviewed. 

 "American Idol": "It changed my life."

 Launch the festival site in the sound of the "China Dream" talked about the experience of the "American Idol" when the players, Adam Lambert remember. "American Idol" has changed my life and I always have the dream to become a star, "American Idol" to create opportunities for cooperation and the Los Angeles music producer, learned the process of recording songs, learn to write songs. " 

 "American Idol" to the Adam Lambert show their stage, but also made him popular in the world quickly. Adam Lambert in the sound of the "China Dream" released at the scene revealed that he did not previously participated in other talent show, just walked into the "American Idol". The reason is very simple, because he is a big fan of the "American Idol" from the first quarter began to see, has seen now. A reporter asked Adam Lambert, the sound of the "China Dream" launch ceremony site before going to the competition why until Season 8? He smiled and replied: I have been previously did not participate in the "American Idol" talent show, because I think not to that level of attainment, not to the correct time to do the right thing to do. Season 8, for me, the time is ripe! 

 For the athletes Weapon: show you the different 

 Participated in the "originator of the class" reality show "American Idol" Adam Lambert ultimately for the athletes to support Weapon. The sound of the "China Dream" launch ceremony site, he said: "The most important is that you have to figure out what makes you different, make you different from other contestants on stage." Adam Lambert found himself unique: see his exaggerated fashion modeling, his passion and fun style stage, people must be able to identify at a glance. "I like to look different." He said, of course, there are other aspects also need to pay attention to, such as selecting the right song, the right style. Launch the festival site, "China Dream Voice of teaching experience in his capacity as someone who:" each singer efforts should be the sound of the "China Dream" lucky chance. Tension is a good thing, will be able to control the tension with to power. believe in yourself, do your own show you the real side! " 

Fifth to or enter the Chinese music 

 Adam Lambert's fifth visit to China. Talk about two months ago solo concert in Shanghai, he said that the Chinese audience is great, full of endless passion on stage, so a lot of fun. If you can create more songs, he hoped to come to China, many cities to a concert. A reporter asked, does this mean you will enter the Chinese in the sound of the "China Dream" launch ceremony site? He replied "I've been in this, I have a lot of fans in this. Adam Lambert said he was happy to come to China frequently, if the audience, especially fans of his music response is good, he will be on sale in China album. Launch ceremony in the sound of the "China Dream" scene, Adam Lambert also emphasized that his release of the album in the domestic and overseas will be exactly the same.


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