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15 mar 2013

Popologist Panel: The Best of 2012 - Includes @adamlambert

"Trespassing" was easily one of the top 2 albums of the year in my opinion. (I'd have a hard time choosing between this and Marina and the Diamonds' Electra Heart for top spot.) From start to finish, every track is perfect and Lambert's voice has never sounded better. From the dancefloor-ready "Cuckoo" to the funk of "Shady" and further still to the sensuality of "Broken English" and the pain of "Underneath," It has fun and fluff, emotion and social commentary. It's sometimes deep and sometimes not-so-much, exploring many facets of the human experience and many genres of popular music but in a way that still seems cohesive. Brilliantly diverse and terribly under-rated!

Source: http://www.vertigoshtick.com/2013/03/popologist-panel-best-of-2012.html

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