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14 mar 2013

Congrats Yet Again to Adam Lambert, Now the Cutest Guy in Music - Popdust

Wow, you Glamberts out there sure know how to rep for your guy! After previously winning in both our Greatest Reality TV Star tournament and our Popdust Oscars tournament, Lambert makes it a perfect three for three in 2013 with his win in our Cutest Guy in Music tournament. We suspected it before, but the win here makes it official–Lambert is now officially a pop dynasty, the ’90s Chicago Bulls of the Popdust tournament circuit. 
 In the finals, Lambert defeated a worthy opponent in country star Luke Bryan. Luke put up an excellent fight through the first four rounds, but fell in a landslide to Lambert in the finals, with the Idol alum scoring over 200,000 votes and winning by a decisive 84-16 percentage margin. Thanks for coming out any way, you Bryan superfans—there’s no shame in getting beaten by the best, as Lambert clearly is when it comes tournament time at Popdust. 
 Congrats again to Adam on the threepeat, and thanks to the thousands of you out there who voted. For a victory lap, why not choose the cutest picture of Adam Lambert?


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